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Author John Green (Paper Towns, Our Fault in the Stars) explores how maps shaped came to shape how we see our world, and how learning in the 21st century is more and more based in online learning communities.


As post-secondary institutions begin to diversify, more and more attention will need to be paid to supporting ELLs in higher education. ELL demographics range from international study students to immigrant refugees. The students come from varied ethnic, socioeconomic and educational backgrounds, and levels of proficiency in English. Because students are limited by their English ability, such as minimal English skills and academic preparedness, this will make the path to higher education all the more challenging.

Thursday, 03 September 2015 16:31

Authentic Assessment Explained

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Have you ever wanted to take an idea for a real world object and make it real? Has a lack of know-how, materials, tools, space and time reasons stopped you from not pursuing it? Maybe you just have no idea how to even start!

The Public Domain ReviewThere are many aspects that can affect student retention. According to eCampus news, there are many related to teaching and learning. Using ePortfolios, online/blended strategies, video teleconferencing, and providing mobile access to class materials can all help curb drop out rates.

Thursday, 27 August 2015 15:01

Are We Witnessing the Death of the Textbook?

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Speak to any post-secondary student about the cost of their studies and it won’t take long until the conversation turns to expensive textbooks. The costs of educational textbooks are ballooning, adding to the significant debt and stress that already overbears the student population.  The exorbitant cost has led students to seek alternatives or even to attempt courses without the required texts at all. This has led to a rising chorus of voices to ponder: Are we witnessing the death of the textbook?

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