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Web Tools Infographic

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working on computerThe following list is intended as a guide for users who may want to use some of the following online applications for their educational or professional work. Each of the web tools have links to their respective websites that have resources and tutorials on how to use them.

The Public Domain ReviewA team of educational experts with Accredited Schools Online have created a guidebook that thoroughly examines the rise of online learning, the different types that exist, and the many free resources that are out there for those interested in learning on the Internet.

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Tech Review: Grammarly

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Whether fairly or not, educators are held to a high standard in regards to their spelling and grammar. This is true even when using less formal communication tools such as email or text. We have all had moments where, much to our embarrassment, we have sent a message containing notable errors. While our dream to have personal editors at our beckoning is unrealistic, so is spending valuable time examining our personal and professional communications for spelling and grammar errors.

The Public Domain ReviewCompetency-based education is becoming more prevalent in post-secondary learning. In this article Dr. Katie McClarty and Dr. Matthew Gaertner examine Competency-based education (CBE) and the best practices for creating assessments that effectively evaluate in this environment.

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Curriculum Alignment Infographic

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working on computerAlignment of outcomes, assessments and activities is the base for good curriculum development. Wiggins and McTighe (2005) ensure this by backwards design, Fink (2003) by integrated design and Stiehl and Lewchuck (2011) by course outcome guides.