Kyle Snowdon

Kyle Snowdon

I am an instructional designer focused on creating the best possible learning environments for students, as well as supporting instructors with their visions for their classrooms. My educational interests focus on mobile devices in the classroom, as well as digital literacy and digital citizenship for students.
Thursday, 03 March 2016 17:58

Tech Tools: Poll Everywhere

textbooksOver the past several years tools for creating quick, interactive polls have been gaining popularity amongst educators. These tools are great for helping to implement formative assessment in the classroom. Quick polling will create a clearer picture of what the students understand and can help the instructor adjust their lessons accordingly.

Monday, 09 November 2015 22:57

Tech Tools: Canva

textbooksCanva is a media design tool that aims to allow even those with little to no experience in graphic design to create rich visuals. Canva has thousands of premade layouts to start from and a seemingly endless bank of stock images that are easily dragged and dropped into your creation.

Thursday, 17 September 2015 20:25

Tech Tools: Haiku Deck

textbooksHaiku Deck is an online presentation tool that helps create nice professional looking presentations. Creating a ‘deck’ is essentially creating a series of slides for a presentation. Haiku Deck is cloud based, not requiring a download, besides from downloading the finished product whether in PDF or PPTX (PowerPoint) file. There are three options for those wishing to sign up for Haiku Deck: Haiku Deck Public (Free), Haiku Deck Pro, and Haiku Deck Edu. Details about each plan are listed below.

Thursday, 27 August 2015 15:01

Are We Witnessing the Death of the Textbook?


Speak to any post-secondary student about the cost of their studies and it won’t take long until the conversation turns to expensive textbooks. The costs of educational textbooks are ballooning, adding to the significant debt and stress that already overbears the student population.  The exorbitant cost has led students to seek alternatives or even to attempt courses without the required texts at all. This has led to a rising chorus of voices to ponder: Are we witnessing the death of the textbook?

Wednesday, 03 June 2015 22:10

Tech Review: Grammarly

working on computer

Whether fairly or not, educators are held to a high standard in regards to their spelling and grammar. This is true even when using less formal communication tools such as email or text. We have all had moments where, much to our embarrassment, we have sent a message containing notable errors. While our dream to have personal editors at our beckoning is unrealistic, so is spending valuable time examining our personal and professional communications for spelling and grammar errors.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015 15:47

Wearables and Education: Where Do They Fit?

Learning Lab

While Forbes magazine declared that 2014 would be the ‘Year of the Wearable,’ the technology is still foreign in many ways to the general public (Spence, 2013). What we call wearables include a diverse range of devices including fitness trackers (Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin), smart watches (Apple Watch, Moto 360, Pebble), and optical displays (Google Glass, Hololens).

Learning Lab

There is currently a strong push to integrate technology into all aspects of classroom teaching practice, but how is this most effectively done? It is important that integrating technology into teaching is done thoughtfully, with the benefit of learners in mind. Following the SAMR model can help us with that.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014 16:01

Active Learning Classrooms

Learning LabWhile teaching and learning strategies are constantly changing our learning spaces have traditionally stayed the same: blackboard/whiteboard, desks in rows, teacher at the front, etc. We sat down with Trudi Mason, a professional development consultant for Lethbridge College, to discuss the school’s initiative in designing ten new active learning classrooms, built exclusively for 21st century teaching and learning.

Thursday, 04 September 2014 15:10

Ten Hashtags for Educators


Recently, LC2 discussed communities of practice (CoPs) and how educators are using social media as a form of professional development, interacting with and learning from colleagues around the world. Here we present ten hashtags that every educator who is active on Twitter should know in order to better help them connect with the resources and people that they need.

Friday, 22 August 2014 21:09

Communities of Practice: An Introduction

CreativityWe have a need for innovative and transformative education in our modern times. Using the creative problem solving process in designing lessons, classes, programs and the college can help meet that need. Understanding and realization of this process is through defining the “problem” or opportunities through exploring data and framing problems, generating ideas, developing solutions, building acceptance of the idea, iterative or cyclical design, visualization and discussion.

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