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Demonstration and Practice

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Alphabet letter practice sheetDuring demonstration and practice, the instructor exhibits a skill to the learners whereby the learners are provided with time to practice it. This is usually done with a skill the learners must be able to complete by the end of the course or module as per the course outcomes. Such an activity is best to do in smaller groups; however, with a larger group you might consider recording the demonstrations, assigning the video to be viewed for homework, and then discussing it the following class.


  • Learners see a proper example first
  • Learners actually practice performing the skill under the guidance of the instructor
  • All students are involved

Instructor’s role:

  • Prepare equipment
  • Allow students to ask questions (define at the beginning if you want them to ask questions during the demo or if you will allow questions at the end)
  • Introduce the theory behind the skill
  • Move through the steps slowly (repeat steps if necessary/possible)
  • Assist during practice

Student’s role

  • Take notes (if necessary) during demo
  • Ask questions for clarification
  • Practice the steps
  • Connect theory with practical application


Pattison, P., & Day, R. (2006). Instruction Skills Workshop (ISW) Handbook for Participants. Vancouver: The Instructional Skills Workshop International Advisory Committee.

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