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Student and Technology Survey

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Student and Technology Survey
89% of students believe that proficiency with technology is important.

This past year, the Educational Enhancement Team (EET) and Library at Lethbridge College administered the 2013 Student and Technology Survey (sixty questions) in partnership with the Educause Centre for Applied Research.  In total, 618 students at Lethbridge College participated, a response rate of 10.3 percent. Nine Canadian institutions (n=2934), including Lethbridge College participated. Nationally and internationally, 113,035 students participated. Survey objectives included:

  1. To assess students’ perceptions of how well institutions and instructors use technology to enhance the academic experience.
  2. To provide higher education institutions with actionable recommendations about how to meet or exceed students’ preferences and expectations for technology in academics.

Check out the summary of twelve key findings. Contact Andy Benoit, Manager of Instructional Technology at Lethbridge College, for additional details.

Did the results surprise you or were they what you expected?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Andy Benoit

Andy Benoit is the Educational Technology Manager at Lethbridge College with nine years of experience in post-secondary education. His work focuses on integrating technology to promote innovative teaching, enhance learner engagement, and increase access to learning. As a writer for Learning Connections, Andy is currently writing an eight part series focused on exploring 21st Century learning spaces.