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Ten Hashtags for Educators

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Recently, LC2 discussed communities of practice (CoPs) and how educators are using social media as a form of professional development, interacting with and learning from colleagues around the world. Here we present ten hashtags that every educator who is active on Twitter should know in order to better help them connect with the resources and people that they need.

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#edchat/#educhat: These hashtags are great for educators seeking general information and articles about education. Searching these will get you the greatest amount of content.

#edtech: This hashtag is for educators looking to find and/or share discoveries around educational technology. Through this common search educators will find an extensive amount of information to help bring their classrooms into the 21st century.

#elearning: As the presence of education in the online realm grows so does the desire for effective online teaching and learning strategies. Educators can connect through this hastag to find innovative tricks and tips to help make the most of digital learning environments.

#byod: The bring your own device (BYOD) movement is alive and well in education. Those looking to best utilize devices that students are bringing to classrooms anyway will find this hashtag very useful.

#edapp: Tech-savvy educators are always looking for the best apps to help them accomplish there goals. Keep an eye on this hashtag to see what new apps are out there and how they are being used around the education world.

#profdev: Educators are always looking to improve their practice. This hashtag not only opens a window into the professional development experience of others, but also is where a number of groups post information about upcoming PD opportunities.

#mlearning: Not only is learning going digital, it is also going mobile. Teaching and learning are no longer confined to traditional brick and mortar classrooms, so check out this hashtag to find out what mobile learning strategies others are using.

#pbl: PBL has been a popular acronym lately in education representing both problem-based learning and project-based learning two related, but distinct, learning strategies. Searching this hashtag will turn up all sorts of great resources for bringing PBL to your classroom.

#flipclass: Flipping the classroom has been possibly the hottest trend in education in the last 5 years. For educators scrambling to find resources on how to most effectively flip, this hashtag can be very valuable.

Are you an active Twitter user? Share your thoughts on sharing interacting with educators through Twitter below.

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