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Tech Tools: Canva

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What Is It?

Canva is a media design tool that aims to allow even those with little to no experience in graphic design to create rich visuals. Canva has thousands of premade layouts to start from and a seemingly endless bank of stock images that are easily dragged and dropped into your creation.


Canva easily helps educators create rich images, infographics, and posters that can enhance course content making ideas easier to understand for students. These can be presented to students through handouts, in class presentations, or as images being hosted in your institutions learning management system.

What Does It Do Well?

  • Simple, user friendly interface
  • Extensive templates and image collection
  • Exceptional image search function

What Are Its Limitations?

  • While Canva has a number of free images it seems the starting point for pricing for all other images is $1, which will add up quickly if you use Canva often.


For educators looking to bring some life to their instruction, Canva is a great tool that even those with low level of computer savviness can utilize. It can help to meet universal design standards, assisting visual learners by reinforce course content through visual means.

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Kyle Snowdon

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