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Tech Tools: Poll Everywhere

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What Is It?

Over the past several years tools for creating quick, interactive polls have been gaining popularity amongst educators. These tools are great for helping to implement formative assessment in the classroom. Quick polling will create a clearer picture of what the students understand and can help the instructor adjust their lessons accordingly.


Poll Everywhere is just one of these tools, but a few features really helps to separate them from the rest. Poll Everywhere is web-based in the sense that not only can polls be created online, but they can be answered from all mobile devices using the web browser. This means no app is required. Polls can be created in multiple choice, open ended, Q/A, and clickable image format allowing for more uses of the tool.


Once your poll is created and initiated students can respond through a text message code or unique web address created specifically for the poll.


The responses are displayed in a chart, which the instructor may or may want to discuss with the class as the poll is being completed. For example if you poll your students about content from last night’s homework readings and only 50% get the right answer, you now have a teachable moment to clarify the content as a class.


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What Does It Do Well?

  • Simple interface
  • Web-based, works with all mobile devices
  • Free (up to 40 respondents)
  • Easy incorporations of images
  • Integrates with PowerPoint


What Are Its Limitations?

  • Only 40 respondents allowed in free version
  • Requires digital devices



For those educators looking to hop aboard the trend of using instant polls in their classrooms Poll Everywhere is definitely one to consider. Its ease of use, PowerPoint integration and being web-based makes it an attractive option for educators.

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