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Screenr: an Incredibly Easy Screen Recorder

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Screenr: an Incredibly Easy Screen Recorder Flat screen computer monitor © 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Screenr is a free screen recording application that requires no installation and works right through your browser. The high-definition Flash screencasts display the recorded activity of your monitor, including any voice narration you may choose to include. You can make it as public as you want it, choosing where it can be viewed and who it can be viewed by. You can use this with virtually any platform – Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, even your iPhone – making it especially accessible for your students within your courses.

In my line of work as a media specialist, I do my fair share of screen recordings usually to show people how to use and navigate through applications. Previously, I used the great free tool Jing to do this but it does require a few steps to install it and get it working. However, Screenr takes a simper approach making it easier and more accessible.. All you need to get started with Screenr is a Twitter, Facebook, Google, or YouTube account, a web browser, and a microphone if you want to record your phone, to record short, high-definition tutorials (5 minutes maximum). Once you’ve finished recording, you’re left with the option of tweeting your recording or posting it to Facebook, Google, YouTube, or publish it through your iPhone. From there, you can access the raw files for your recording or use the embed code to put it anywhere you like, especially useful in the online classroom where learners can access the recording and view it at their convenience. This is all done platform independently, meaning it is browser powered instead of relying on the operating system of the device, i.e. PC or Mac. Screenr also has a bookmarklet that makes it easy to record quickly and easily wherever you are as long as your browser is open.

This truly is such an easy tool to easily incorporate into your courses, regardless of delivery, that could save tons of time in providing directions to students or other instructors for online or blended course delivery. Screenr’s capability to play on iPhone and other mobile devices is great for getting your tutorials to your students or colleagues wherever they are – during commutes, while on breaks, or simply if they’re just not near their computers. The simplicity of Screenr makes it accessible for both you and your students, making your instructions merge seamlessly, not to mention effortlessly, within your course.

Here are just a few of the ways you can incorporate Screenr into your courses:

  • use a tablet to draw on a virtual whiteboard
  • invite your students to make their own screencasts
  • include a screencast as a web object in Articulate Presenter
  • create screencasts to illustrate concepts or to brainstorm
  • include mobile components of your course to be accessed via phone or tablets
  • create mp4’s of your screencast and include them directly within your modules
  • use Screenr as a creative, visual tool to record notes or ideas during classroom discussions

What are your thoughts? Have you used this in your courses; if so, how has it affected or enhanced your delivery? What are some creative ways you incorporated Screenr with instructional material? Add your comments and suggestions below.

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