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Group Discussion

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An effective way to open a unit or topic is to introduce a topic or problem to the class and allow the learner’s to flesh out the details with through a cooperative and collaborative discussion.


  • Entire class is involved
  • Constructively irons out complicated problems or ideas
  • Instructor can gauge learners’ previous knowledge on a subject

Instructor’s role:

  • Lead the discussion (usually)
  • Determine the topic/question
  • Assign prerequisite reading if necessary
  • Encourage participation from all learners
  • Keep the discussion focused
  • Determine recording method

Student’s role:

  • Come prepared by reading or deliberating on the material to be discussed
  • Provide ideas/comments
  • Respect other learners’ opinions and ideas


Pattison, P., & Day, R. (2006). Instruction Skills Workshop (ISW) Handbook for Participants. Vancouver: The Instructional Skills Workshop International Advisory Committee.

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