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Gamification is a term that has been creating buzz in education for the past several years. There is a lot of information, literature, and even MOOC’s on the subject. We have discovered that it can offer our students engaging and meaningful learning experiences and increase learner motivation.

Looking for ways to implement iPads into your classroom.  Check out Jacqui Murray's recent blog post We've talked about gamification before, and we know that a lot of you out there are already incorporating (or working to incorporate) game-based learning activities into your classrooms.

Thursday, 18 July 2013 15:32

Strategies for Gamification: The Sequel

Title: Strategies for Gamification: The SequelThis article is my humble suggestion as to where to begin integrating game design into your practices. My last article on gamification reviewed its many benefits and provided a short overview of the important elements of game design.

What can Gamification offer our students?I have a stubborn four year old. One day, as we looked through a book, I said, “Let’s count the pumpkins.” On the first attempt he obediently used his finger to count as he pointed to each one. He missed one or counted one twice and I said, “Let’s try again.”