Tuesday, 01 May 2012 08:00

The Purpose of a Course Outline

The Purpose of a Course OutlineDid you know that a course outline is a legal, binding document? It communicates important information about a class such as course outcomes, class expectations, and grading structures. Both instructor and student are obligated to follow the content of the syllabus.

Monday, 23 April 2012 08:00

Mapping-Out Your Course

Mapping-Out Your CourseBefore traveling to a new destination you usually consult a map. Why wouldn’t you do the same before designing your course? In a sense, creating a new course is an exciting new adventure. Course mapping helps you outline your destination and ensure your outcomes and assessments are aligned.

Friday, 23 March 2012 21:47

Outlining Your Course

OutliningYou might have several great activities and assessment ideas floating around in your head, and you might also have a pretty good idea of what the intended outcomes of your course should be (especially if you’ve already visited the Outcomes section of this website)