Untitled Document Ted Talks

TED curator Chris Anderson takes viewers behind the scenes of what it takes to stand up and deliver a TED talk to an audience. Anderson walks us through 4 strategies that can help any public speaker get their ideas across to an audience, leaving them informed and inspired.

Ted Talks

Human behaviour and body language expert Mark Bowden examines the importance of how a speaker presents themselves to an audience. He stresses that to get our message across we must fight the internal instincts that make us uncomfortable in front of large audiences. Therefore we must be ‘inauthentic’ and develop presentation skills to help us win over our audiences.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015 16:37

PowerPoint Confessions

power point confessions

Even if you haven’t heard the term ‘death by PowerPoint’ you probably still know the feeling. In this video individuals share their personal experiences with the misuse of PowerPoint presentations.

PresentingHave you ever walked into a presentation prepared to be wowed based on what you read in the session description but end up finding it difficult to stay awake as they guide you bullet by painful bullet through all of their information?