The Public Domain ReviewSally M. Johnstone and Louis Soares examine the principles for developing a competency-based education program.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016 18:21

Open Educational Resources Video

Open Educational ResourcesOpen Educational Resources (OERs) have already gained significant traction in K-12 education and with the rising cost of textbooks the demand for OER in post secondary is rising. This short video reviews the definitions, challenges and opportunities associated with OERs in higher education.

The Public Domain ReviewIn this post for Forbes, Barbara Kurshan, senior fellow at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, explores online learning at the post-secondary level. Kurshan examines the common fault of institutions who assign instructors to teach online with the assumption that the required skills and knowledge are the same as for face-to-face instruction.

Thursday, 27 August 2015 15:01

Are We Witnessing the Death of the Textbook?


Speak to any post-secondary student about the cost of their studies and it won’t take long until the conversation turns to expensive textbooks. The costs of educational textbooks are ballooning, adding to the significant debt and stress that already overbears the student population.  The exorbitant cost has led students to seek alternatives or even to attempt courses without the required texts at all. This has led to a rising chorus of voices to ponder: Are we witnessing the death of the textbook?

The Public Domain ReviewMary Vitcenda introduces us to ripple effect mapping (REM), an evaluation technique to gauge the effectiveness of projects or programs on a community. This author looks at the success found at the University of Minnesota use of ripple effect mapping in evaluating their own initiatives.

The Public Domain ReviewA team of educational experts with Accredited Schools Online have created a guidebook that thoroughly examines the rise of online learning, the different types that exist, and the many free resources that are out there for those interested in learning on the Internet.

Wednesday, 04 March 2015 18:09

Instructor Engagement with E-Texts

The Public Domain ReviewEducause Review presents a case study of e-text use at Indiana University. This thorough article examines participation levels, financial benefits for students, and motivations of instructors in engaging with digital textbooks.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013 08:00

Flipped Classroom Workshop

Flipped Classroom WorkshopThis is a video of a Flipped Classroom workshop recently held at Lethbridge College. Workshop participants had a chance to speak with a panel of other instructors who have already begun “flipping” their classrooms.

Monday, 18 November 2013 08:00

Open Professionals Education Network

The Public Domain ReviewThe Open Professional Education Network website is a search tool for finding Open Access Resources. It includes courses, texts, pdfs, video, images and more for secondary and post-secondary.

Google Launches Free Tool To Let You Run Your Own Online CoursesNot enough time to read education articles? What about trying an education podcast? Check out Joe Mazza's blog post on #EdChat Radio and other links to educational podcasts.

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