Thursday, 03 March 2016 17:58

Tech Tools: Poll Everywhere

textbooksOver the past several years tools for creating quick, interactive polls have been gaining popularity amongst educators. These tools are great for helping to implement formative assessment in the classroom. Quick polling will create a clearer picture of what the students understand and can help the instructor adjust their lessons accordingly.

Monday, 09 November 2015 22:57

Tech Tools: Canva

textbooksCanva is a media design tool that aims to allow even those with little to no experience in graphic design to create rich visuals. Canva has thousands of premade layouts to start from and a seemingly endless bank of stock images that are easily dragged and dropped into your creation.

Thursday, 17 September 2015 20:25

Tech Tools: Haiku Deck

textbooksHaiku Deck is an online presentation tool that helps create nice professional looking presentations. Creating a ‘deck’ is essentially creating a series of slides for a presentation. Haiku Deck is cloud based, not requiring a download, besides from downloading the finished product whether in PDF or PPTX (PowerPoint) file. There are three options for those wishing to sign up for Haiku Deck: Haiku Deck Public (Free), Haiku Deck Pro, and Haiku Deck Edu. Details about each plan are listed below.

Thursday, 24 July 2014 14:48


The Public Domain ReviewTouchcast is a great tool that can turn an everyday educator into a flipped classroom superstar. Available for mobile and desktop, Touchcast allows for the easy creation of interactive videos delivering content to students.

Monday, 26 May 2014 15:02

The Public Domain is a great tool that allows for students to use their mobile devices to interact with their instructor, and the course content. Students can answer questions posed by the instructors and see the results (in the form of graphs). They can also ask questions to their instructor through their device.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014 08:00

Tech Review - Smart Response and Grabbit

Tech Review - Smart Response and GrabbitMark and Kyle have returned with a sequel to their original review. This time, the dynamic duo are focusing on two emergent technologies that have the potential to radically change your instructional practice. Filmed and directed by auteur Lyle Ruggles, this is a do not miss. Check the video out!

Thursday, 06 February 2014 16:08

Tech Review - Leap Motion

Tech Review - Leap MotionWelcome to the Tech Review series! Mark and Kyle are two Instructional Designers whose mission is to bring new and innovative technologies to the forefront of instructional practice.

Google Launches Free Tool To Let You Run Your Own Online CoursesGoogle has launched its own online course building software. Could this be the next big thing in education or will it be like so many of Googles other initiatives where it pulls the plug on support or will it follow this one through making ever improving updates?

Wednesday, 02 May 2012 08:00

The All-Powerful Google!

The All-Powerful Google! Google. It’s one of those ubiquitous, household words that is a name, a brand, a tool, and perhaps most interestingly, now a verb as well: “Let me just Google that.” Google, the owner of the most popular search engine, is also home to several other fundamental tools...

Screenr: an Incredibly Easy Screen RecorderScreenr is a free screen recording application that requires no installation and works right through your browser. The high-definition Flash screencasts display the recorded activity of your monitor, including any voice narration you may choose to include.

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