EET Staff

EET Staff

Over the years we have compiled articles from different members of the EET team. Sometimes they were written collaboratively and other times the staff author wasn’t written down. These articles were too good not to share, so we’ve labeled them as EET Staff.
Monday, 16 January 2017 22:40

3 Forces Shaping Ed Tech in 2017

Untitled Document Freshly Squeezed

2017 is now upon us and Dian Schaffhauser (writer for Campus Technology) dives into the tech trends that await those in higher education.

The Public Domain ReviewIn this piece, Steven Mintz examines the various discourses that have emerged in regards to the future of higher education.

Wednesday, 01 June 2016 17:22

LC2 on Summer Holidays

The Public Domain ReviewLethbridge College Learning Connections (LC2) would like to thank our readers and contributors for another great academic year. LC2 is taking a break for the Summer in order to relax, enjoy the summer sun, and to revamp our website to better serve our readers. Keep an eye out for our re-launch in late August as we look forward to another academic year of exploring the wonderful world of education.

The Public Domain ReviewArtificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a fact of life and we interact with it on a daily basis, most of the time without even knowing it. So how can AI be leveraged to aid educators. This article surmises 10 areas in which AI can help.

The Public Domain ReviewSally M. Johnstone and Louis Soares examine the principles for developing a competency-based education program.

The Public Domain ReviewCharlotte Kent argues it's part of post-secondary institutions' role to help students build work ethic and time management skills.

Ted Talks

Designer Emily Pilloton shares her experience in working to reshape the educational experiences in a forgotten rural area in North Carolina. In this talk she explores how design can tackle delivering educational content in various situations and various levels. At the core of Pilloton’s work is connecting learners with their community.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016 16:13

How to study for an exam? Take a day off

The Public Domain ReviewSecond-year University of Toronto student Kourosh Houshmand tackles exam stress, a topic familiar for those who have spent time in a post-secondary institution. Houshmand provides some tips and tricks for those in the midst of their exams, with an overall message of 'study smarter, not harder.'

The Public Domain ReviewThis study took a look at how digital badges might be implemented into student clubs to document the informal learning taking place.

The Public Domain ReviewMichigan State University has recently been experimenting with telepresence robots with their online students. This has led to an integration of the online and face-to-face streams of the doctoral program in educational psychology and educational technology. This use of telepresence robots has been met positively by students and professors.

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